Rebuke-slogans that I will not use, and what I think we must say instead

I have been seeing a lot of a couple of three-word slogans: “Not my president!” and “Get over it!” I think I understand both, but I reject both, and a third to which I think they reduce, and choose to affirm a fourth. 1. The first is Not my president! I cannot say “My president!”Continue reading “Rebuke-slogans that I will not use, and what I think we must say instead”

Politics and hope: Thoughts from Charles Mathewes

What now? Denial? Despair? Attack? Retreat? Exhaustion? How about some teaching and learning for the long haul? Christians cannot afford to be tired of politics, or worse yet, to be apolitical—as if that were even possible. We have to be more deeply and wisely and Christianly political. Although Christianity (unlike Judaism and Islam) does notContinue reading “Politics and hope: Thoughts from Charles Mathewes”