Verba Sparsa

In absentia

In case anyone wonders why the verba are even sparser here than usual these days, it’s because most of my meager time and energy for this sort of thing are going into my campaign website and Facebook page. That’s right, friends, I’m running for office. Please do have a look at those two places.

What we say matters

If we don’t teach our young people how to use speech to build up rather than tear down, we aren’t going to have a country anymore.

CRT in the textbooks! (not)

Notes on the struggle with false accusations (CRT!) in one West Michigan community’s conversation about social studies curriculum.

Defend institutions

OK, you want to know why I’m running for school board? I’m not lacking things to do with my time. I am not bored. My day job in academic book publishing is endlessly fascinating and demanding, and numerous prospective authors (I am chagrined to admit) could tell you that all my evenings and weekends couldContinue reading “Defend institutions”


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