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In Memoriam: Gordon D. Fee

Gordon Fee was an Eerdmans author. He was also my teacher. Here is my brief tribute—along with some memorabilia that my fellow Fee fans and NICNT fans may appreciate.

The conclusion

The voters of the Caledonia Community Schools district have chosen Jennifer Nichols, Tim Morris, and John Brandow as trustees for the district’s board of education. Mary Anne Timmer, Eric VanGessel, and I got fewer votes. (But thank you to the thousands who did vote for us!) So the new school board will consist of Jennifer,Continue reading “The conclusion”

Why is GLEP promoting your opponents?

Always read the fine print on advertisements for candidates. Recent mailings for candidates John Brandow, Tim Morris, and Jennifer Nichols are paid for by the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP). GLEP calls itself a “a bi-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization supporting quality choices in public education.” In fact it is a highly partisan, billionaire-funded lobbying groupContinue reading “Why is GLEP promoting your opponents?”

My answers to vote411 / mlive

The League of Women Voters invited all candidates to provide answers to several questions. Mlive included these answers in an online article that was posted yesterday. At, voters can enter their address and find candidates who will be on their ballot. Here are the answers that I have provided.

Info on all the Cal candidates

Sources of information on all the candidates for school board in the Caledonia Community Schools district in Michigan for November 8, 2022


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