July 2021
  • Ecology as doxology (Psalm 104) (7/20/2021). To understand the structure of the cosmos and expound its workings in a way that acknowledges its creator is to be filled with wonder and overflow with praise.
  • Living between divine love and human iniquity (Psalm 36) (7/8/2021). Abiding in God’s love does not make us pious dopes who think that everything is always wonderful. It enables us to see evil clearly, call it what it is, and understand that in the end it is powerless before the power of Love.
  • The President and the Fourth (7/5/2021). July 4 is not about celebrating the president, but it’s good to have a president who understands and supports the values that July 4 celebrates.
  • On observing July 4 as an American Christian (7/4/2021). When the Fourth of July falls on a Sunday, Christians need to be careful about how they relate patriotism and worship.
  • Defining human existence (Psalm 139) (7/1/2021). To be is to be known by God. God’s omniscience is knowledge not only of everything but of everyone. My existence resides in the fact that God knows me. My identity is this: I am who God knows that I am.
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The abortion distortion in current US politics (6/29/2019). Why abortion is not analogous to slavery as a blight on US history, and is not a valid excuse for supporting a grossly unfit president.

The profanity presidency (5/19/2019). The ugliness is not an embarrassing blot on the Trumpist movement. It is its essence, flowing from the top and permeating the whole.





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