Tu quoque, yer mom!, and the way forward

Current events have me remembering some long-forgotten terms from informal logic. The general category is popular fallacies. One in particular that we saw almost every time a criticism was voiced against someone was the tu quoque fallacy. You can read about it in Wikipedia. Tu quoque is Latin for “you also.” What we saw inContinue reading “Tu quoque, yer mom!, and the way forward”

Hard questions, correct answers, and pastoral wisdom

This is mostly for my evangelical friends, about pastors. It takes off from a recent NY Times op-ed piece but goes beyond it to say something about pastoral leadership and how we respond to it. Perhaps some of you saw and appreciated Tim Keller’s answers to questions from Nicholas Kristof . I saw them andContinue reading “Hard questions, correct answers, and pastoral wisdom”

My strangely unedifying Facebook posts

This post is directed to friends who have found my “political” Facebook posts this year strange or off-putting. Yes: they are strange. For me, this is an opus alienum, a strange work, a thing I am doing that is not the thing I have been primarily called and trained to do, not a thing I likeContinue reading “My strangely unedifying Facebook posts”