WSJ Down the Rabbit Hole

Daniel Henninger’s Wonderland column in the Wall Street Journal is aptly named. A scan of his recent columns shows that he’s so far down the rabbit hole he may never reemerge. Or maybe he’ll emerge as a high priest or grand dragon or whatever QAnon decides to call its clergy when it get around toContinue reading “WSJ Down the Rabbit Hole”

A note of appreciation to Heather Cox Richardson

My Facebook friends who pay any attention at all will to my posts know that I repost every single instalment of Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American. I believe that if the United States survives its current crisis as a functioning democracy, her letters will be anthologized and read and re-read for as manyContinue reading “A note of appreciation to Heather Cox Richardson”

The wicked, God, and me (Psalm 5, day 1)

Psalm 5 sounds perennial themes. These themes recur throughout the Psalter, throughout the Bible, and throughout the life of the person who would follow God and live righteously: wicked people, God, and oneself. What happens if we try to take this psalm as a paradigm, a model, of how to relate these three constants? TheContinue reading “The wicked, God, and me (Psalm 5, day 1)”

How to love our atheist (in a sense) neighbors?

Good people can believe outrageously false things. For example, a certain good man was able to believe, earlier this week, that: COVID-19 should in public policy be treated like a flu epidemic. The closings aimed at controlling the pandemic hit small businesses unnecessarily hard because politicians and the media hate small businesses and want themContinue reading “How to love our atheist (in a sense) neighbors?”

My American reflections on the news from Belarus

Yesterday morning whole driving across the state I listened to BBC news on Michigan Radio. The report that I heard contained essentially the same information that you can read online today at the BBC website or in the BBC app. If you’re not up on events in Belarus, I encourage you to click that linkContinue reading “My American reflections on the news from Belarus”

Faith, Fanaticism, and Trumpism

What to make of the phenomenon of professing Christians who either give their support to Donald Trump or withhold their support from Joe Biden, the only other candidate standing between Trump and reelection, because they find Biden to be insufficiently Christian? These people are to be differentiated from the core Trumpist. The core Trumpist isContinue reading “Faith, Fanaticism, and Trumpism”

From generation to generation: Comments on Mary Trump’s story of how the Trump family produced Donald

[I have not posted for several days because my reading-writing time was occupied with reading and thinking about this book. Here are some thoughts.] As I read Mary Trump’s Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, I kept thinking of the phrase “from generation to generation.” Her bookContinue reading “From generation to generation: Comments on Mary Trump’s story of how the Trump family produced Donald”

Think on these things

I took yesterday afternoon and evening off. My wife and I reconnected with old college friends of hers, more recent friends of mine. We spent hours talking. We were with them on a Chris-Craft boat that has been in his family since his grandfather bought in the year when he was three years old (=Continue reading “Think on these things”

Two pathologies of loyalty

Loyalty is a good thing, right? Word history that I did not know until just now (thank you, Merriam-Webster): English “loyal” derives from Old French leel or leial, which in turn derives from Latin legalis. How do you get from “legal” to “loyal”? Apparently the oldest sense of “loyalty” has to do with unswerving allegianceContinue reading “Two pathologies of loyalty”