Celebrating the birth of Antichrist in Kentucky

In this nativity scene, what lies in the manger is the serpent. But to Congressman Massie and those who see with like eyes, it is sweet baby Jesus.

The gun per se, though it has been used for great evil and in truth was designed for such use, is a tool, an implement. As its defenders say: guns don’t kill, people do. But people swimming in a superabundance of guns kill more people than the less heavily armed.

And those who celebrate and worship the gun—especially when it has just been used again in another slaughter of innocents, and especially when they do their celebrating using the accoutrements of the Feast of the Incarnation of the Son of God—testify loudly that their God is made of steel and bangs and kills.

We melted down our plowshares and cast them into the furnace, and are we to be blamed if what emerged was this golden, horned gun? What choice did we have but to prostrate ourselves before it in adoration? To pleasure ourselves by fondling it, and post pictures of ourselves doing it in front of a Christmas tree?

Their God gives lethal fleshly power over others. Their God sheds blood and destroys, and repeats the rage of Herod, and evokes the weeping of Rachel.

If only it could be said of us that “their God is their belly,” but no, our God is our lizard brain, our God is the implement and symbol of fear and anger and copious mechanized bloodshed.

There shall a star arise from Cain. Come, celebrate God With Us, Emmanuel, a smile on every face, a gun in every hand!

Say it clearly, Congressman Massie:

I wear the garb of Christianity, but my Savior is the Prince of Power, the Prince of Intimidation, the Lord of Death. The lion shall pounce on the lamb and devour it, and they shall maim and kill and destroy in my holy mountain. Deck the halls with deadly folly! Celebrate the rebirth of Satan in our hearts.

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