What do you mean when you say someone is “speaking in code”?

Some critics of our schools, including some candidates for school board, speak in code. Speaking in code is an evasion and a subversion. It is an evasion in that people do it to avoid taking responsibility for that they are saying. It is a subversion because it undermines the usefulness of language.

How does our election relate to what’s going on elsewhere?

The contest is not between conservatives and liberals. It is between people who think school board is a place for jumping in with a political agenda to try to take over and make their ideology dominant, and people who think school board is meant to provide nonpartisan oversight of a vital local institution.

Why did the Caledonia Education Association endorse you?

Why did the CEA endorse you, Eric, and Mary Anne? The CEA gives its own reason in its own announcement: they regard us as pro–public education candidates. They are right. We are. My interpretation: This is not a trivial pronouncement, and it is not one that can be made by or about all candidates. IContinue reading “Why did the Caledonia Education Association endorse you?”

What is your position on the swimming pool?

Someone writes: Can you tell me the plans for the pool in the community? And your support or nonsupport for this? Thanks for writing. The Community Center (with pool) is currently scheduled to proceed. The special meeting of the school board on September 26 will be about deciding which bond items to press ahead with,Continue reading “What is your position on the swimming pool?”

Why don’t you have more signs up?

Anyone driving around Caledonia will see many signs for Brandow, Morris, and Nichols. You’ll see far fewer signs for VanGessel, Ernest, and Timmer. Some people speak to us with some concern about that. It’s understandable. But here’s the deal. First of all, we will put more signs up. Our own sense of timing was thatContinue reading “Why don’t you have more signs up?”

What should our schools teach about American history?

Schools should form good citizens, and forming good citizens includes fostering patriotism. You form patriots by letting students see all that has been done and form their own judgments about what was just and good, what was unjust and evil. Trust them to make the right judgments. They will.

What’s most important in the school-board election?

Let Caledonia be a place where students learn not only how to make a living or go to college but also, especially, how to uphold life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, justice, the common good, equality, truth, diversity, popular sovereignty, and patriotism.

Why is patience necessary for a school board trustee?

I have been writing about the values listed in lank 6 of my platform. Today the fourth: patience. An older word for patience is longsuffering. It’s closely related to enduring, or persevering. A common phrase is “hanging in there.” The assumption underlying this word is that everything is not going to go well all theContinue reading “Why is patience necessary for a school board trustee?”