What’s most important in the school-board election?

Let Caledonia be a place where students learn not only how to make a living or go to college but also, especially, how to uphold life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, justice, the common good, equality, truth, diversity, popular sovereignty, and patriotism.

My answers to the CEA questions

The Caledonia Education Association invited candidates for trustee on the board of education to appear in a video interview to respond to questions. They sent us their questions ahead of time so that we could think about our answers. I wrote up some notes to prepare. What I said to them in the video interviewContinue reading “My answers to the CEA questions”

What about school safety?

School safety is a serious concern these days because of the shocking school shootings that are too often in the news. A Wiki scorecard lists 68 incidents in the US in the 2000s, 230 in 2010s, and 74 so far in the 2020s. My first thought is that anything that might be done to reduceContinue reading “What about school safety?”

Why do I want to focus on the local?

It’s good to pay attention to what’s going on around the world and around the nation, but praying and donating to good orgs and voting in national elections are about the only ways we have of doing anything about global and national problems. I’m in favor of praying and giving and voting in national elections.Continue reading “Why do I want to focus on the local?”

Why speak up?

I am running for school board because I feel a responsibility to speak up. This will take some explaining, including a walk down memory lane, if you will indulge me, but I promise I will get to the point before too much of your time is wasted. The bicentennial of the United States was aContinue reading “Why speak up?”

CRT in the textbooks! (not)

Notes on the struggle with false accusations (CRT!) in one West Michigan community’s conversation about social studies curriculum.

Defend institutions

OK, you want to know why I’m running for school board? I’m not lacking things to do with my time. I am not bored. My day job in academic book publishing is endlessly fascinating and demanding, and numerous prospective authors (I am chagrined to admit) could tell you that all my evenings and weekends couldContinue reading “Defend institutions”

Acquiescence is complicity; love requires truthtelling

Until we have agreed that we will speak truthfully and respectfully to and about each other, and that we will not choose as our representatives people who are unable to do either, we cannot hope for progress on anything else.