IAQ: How can I get you to block me?

If you don’t know the abbreviation, maybe it’s because I just made it up: infrequently asked question. This question is infrequently asked because I rarely block anyone.

But recently I have blocked three people from my personal Facebook profile, and one of them found another way to ask why. It may or may not have been an honest question, but I will treat it as such.

Here are things you can do to get me to block you. Most of these have to do with your comments or reactions to my posts.

  • Threaten me.*
  • Taunt me.
  • Make false accusations against me.
  • React to my posts with angry-face or (for serious posts) laugh emojis.
  • Make my feed, or my contributions to a group, all about you by responding to all or many of my posts with blatantly hostile questions or retorts.
  • Respond to links that I post without having bothered to read the linked article or post.
  • Reply with questions or arguments that I have already answered, but you somehow just cannot understand.

These are in order: the higher it is on the list, the faster it will get you blocked.

I am interested in productive conversation. When I conclude that the other person is not, I’m done.

I am really sorry about the last bullet point. If I block you for this last reason, take that as meaning: I am sorry, but it is clear to me now that we don’t understand each other and further back-and-forth is useless.

If I block you and you respond: Don’t you believe in free speech? Here is my two-fold answer:

  • Yes, I believe in freedom of speech as defined in the US Constitution: Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.
  • No, I do not believe that freedom of speech gives an Internet graffiti artist the right to scribble all over everything I post.

* I have not received any threats of physical violence. Just threats of verbal violence. Basically: I will slander you.

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