Why is GLEP promoting your opponents?

Always read the fine print on advertisements for candidates.

Recent mailings for candidates John Brandow, Tim Morris, and Jennifer Nichols are paid for by the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).

GLEP calls itself a “a bi-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization supporting quality choices in public education.” In fact it is a highly partisan, billionaire-funded lobbying group devoted to defunding the public schools by siphoning public money off to alternative educational schemes.

Here are a few links to get you started if you want to read more.

For the big picture, read this book:

  • https://thenewpress.com/books/wolf-schoolhouse-door (A new printing with a new preface will be available next year, but the current version is readily available. You can download to your e-reader instantly and read the whole thing in a few hours. Highly informative.)

I believe that we will best serve our children and our community by supporting excellent public education. The public schools

  • are required to accept and provide for the educational needs of ALL children, including those with special needs and disabilities
  • are subject to the oversight of a board elected by all members of the community
  • promote unity amid diversity by bringing together children of parents of all social, ideological, racial, political, and religious identities
  • require teachers to have a high level of training and certification
  • promote community spirit and pride by focusing loyalty on our teams (Go Scots!)
  • through economies of scale enable a comprehensive curriculum and a broad range of extracurricular opportunities

Don’t be taken in by deceptive marketing aimed at undermining public education and promoting the interests of parties and corporations that want to replace public schools with centers for private profit and sectarian/partisan teaching.

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