Hard questions, correct answers, and pastoral wisdom

This is mostly for my evangelical friends, about pastors. It takes off from a recent NY Times op-ed piece but goes beyond it to say something about pastoral leadership and how we respond to it. Perhaps some of you saw and appreciated Tim Keller’s answers to questions from Nicholas Kristof . I saw them andContinue reading “Hard questions, correct answers, and pastoral wisdom”

My strangely unedifying Facebook posts

This post is directed to friends who have found my “political” Facebook posts this year strange or off-putting. Yes: they are strange. For me, this is an opus alienum, a strange work, a thing I am doing that is not the thing I have been primarily called and trained to do, not a thing I likeContinue reading “My strangely unedifying Facebook posts”

A response to Swaim’s “Stott Bowdlerized” (Eerdword)

In the Internet era, incomplete research and careless retweeting can lead to false accusations and damaging digital gossip. * * * Through the course of my publishing career I have not usually bothered authors for autographs, but as a high-school senior attending the 1976 Urbana convention with my central Virginia youth group, I was eagerContinue reading “A response to Swaim’s “Stott Bowdlerized” (Eerdword)”

A leaf from the journal of a theological publisher

I guess in any line of work one invited to lead will now and then gather the team and ask: what do we imagine we are doing? If you take someone who might really rather be reading the ancients reading the Bible and put him in that position in your publishing company, you might getContinue reading “A leaf from the journal of a theological publisher”

Uncertainty about the Book

(Opening meditation on theological publishing for a company meeting) The Greek phrase is en kephalidi bibliou. Biblion isn’t a problem. It means “book.” Kephalis is a diminutive form of the noun kephalē, head. So does it mean a “little head”?  It might—something like the “little head” that I think Jim is picturing on my shoulders when he returns my phone callContinue reading “Uncertainty about the Book”

Jesus comes down the mountain

A sermon delivered to my incarcerated brothers in the Kent County Jail Here is the Gospel passage that I’d like for you to hear with me this morning. Matthew 8:1-4 “And when he came down from the mountain, large crowds followed him. And look! A man with a nasty skin disease came and was kneelingContinue reading “Jesus comes down the mountain”