Peace, peace: Nice prophets and slight healing

Of all the biblical prophets, the one who received the most hostile reception was . . . well, I was going to say Jeremiah, but actually it would have to be Jesus, wouldn’t it? We so easily and persistently forget that when the moment of truth arrived, nearly all his followers abandoned him. Some ofContinue reading “Peace, peace: Nice prophets and slight healing”

Romans 13 in the USA: Questions for thought and discussion

This passage from Paul’s Letter to the earliest Christians at Rome comes up from time to time when American Christians today talk about how their attitudes toward government. What better way to spend an hour this Sunday afternoon than offering up a few questions for thought or for group discussion on how we apply thisContinue reading “Romans 13 in the USA: Questions for thought and discussion”

STEM and the humanities

In my experience with MDs, stockbrokers, architects, dentists, accountants and other STEM-trained professionals, when they are speaking within the area in which they are trained and licensed to practice, they are usually careful and reliable; but the critical skills that they learned within their discipline don’t transfer outside their discipline. In political-social conversations, and inContinue reading “STEM and the humanities”

Masking the image of God

My undergrad professor and advisor Arthur Holmes used to arrive early for the history of philosophy class he taught in the east wing of Edman Chapel at Wheaton College in fall 1982. He chatted amiably with us sophomores, gamely fielding the semi-idle questions we lobbed at him just because we kind of idolized him andContinue reading “Masking the image of God”

How to love other Christians in the Age of Trump

What believers do for each other, according to Hebrews 10:24: Kai katanoōmen allēlous eis paroxysmon agapēs kai kalōn ergōn katanoōmen allēlous: Let us focus our attention and our intellect on each other in such an intense way that we achieve insight and come to understand each other accurately eis paroxysmon: so that we can stimulate,Continue reading “How to love other Christians in the Age of Trump”