State rep too blinded by partisanship to show compassion over latest mass shooting

The title of this post is not my own creation. It was supplied by The Sun and News when this essay was printed in today’s edition in Letters from Our Readers. It accurately captures the central point. Again with the killings. Again, a person who under any sane regulatory system would not have been permittedContinue reading “State rep too blinded by partisanship to show compassion over latest mass shooting”

Fears and hopes

These are the remarks that I read during public comment time at the Caledonia Community Schools board meeting this evening. First, to the three elected in November: congratulations. To the four continuing: you have served well. Thank you. Here is what I fear, and what I hope. First: what I fear. I am one ofContinue reading “Fears and hopes”

Pay your democracy tax: support newspapers

I delivered the Richmond Times-Dispatch to two routes in my hometown by bicycle six days a week throughout my middle school and high school years. After I added the second route my father insisted on driving me around the route in the ’63 Fairlane on Sundays and when the weather was horrible. I was upContinue reading “Pay your democracy tax: support newspapers”

January 6, Angela Rigas, and the way forward

Yale historian Timothy Snyder has posted a 15-fact summary of the January 6 committee’s report. You should stop now and read it if you have not already. I said yesterday (in a FaceBook post) that no one can be surprised by continuing revelations of Trump’s misdeeds. Anyone with clear moral vision knew what Trump was,Continue reading “January 6, Angela Rigas, and the way forward”

CRT in the textbooks! (not)

Notes on the struggle with false accusations (CRT!) in one West Michigan community’s conversation about social studies curriculum.

Defend institutions

OK, you want to know why I’m running for school board? I’m not lacking things to do with my time. I am not bored. My day job in academic book publishing is endlessly fascinating and demanding, and numerous prospective authors (I am chagrined to admit) could tell you that all my evenings and weekends couldContinue reading “Defend institutions”