On publishing books in a world in turmoil

“When the foundations are thrown down,” asked the psalmist, “what can the righteous person do?” (Psalm 11:3). This question resonates for many in our own setting, when the props and stays of the old normal in so many areas—political, social, ecclesial, environmental—seem to be under assault and crumbling. Voltaire’s Candide rejected explanations that all theContinue reading “On publishing books in a world in turmoil”

Uncertainty about the Book

(Opening meditation on theological publishing for a company meeting) The Greek phrase is en kephalidi bibliou. Biblion isn’t a problem. It means “book.” Kephalis is a diminutive form of the noun kephalē, head. So does it mean a “little head”?  It might—something like the “little head” that I think Jim is picturing on my shoulders when he returns my phone callContinue reading “Uncertainty about the Book”