How to pray for government leaders: a biblical model (Psalm 72)

(Annotations on Psalm 72)
Talk to God. Start by calling upon God, finish by blessing and praising God. Praise God ALONE. Do not praise the leader.
Focus on PROSPERITY FOR THE PEOPLE. Pray that the people will get to live under a government that is just and righteous. Pray that the people will flourish, be prosperous, be at peace. This is y our only reason for praying for the leader. The leader is an instrument.
When you are praying for the PEOPLE focus on the NEEDY, the POOR, the OPPRESSED, the VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE. You don't need to pray for the leader to serve the interests of the wealthy and powerful. They are doing just fine. No need even to mention them or their rights.
Go ahead and pray for international strength for your leader! Without that, the people of your country could be overrun and enslaved! But your prayer aims at the good not only of your nation but ALL NATIONS.
If you're clear about the whole purpose of the leader being to serve the poor of your people, then go ahead and pray for God's blessing on the leader, because fame, popularity, and longevity for the leader will serve the good of the people.
Don't forget who you're talking to, and who you are praising, and who you are not praising.

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