Two paths diverge: positive and negative examples at the February school board meeting

The February 2023 meeting of our community’s school board offered both positive and negative examples of how to talk together.

Everyone Needs Compassion

At the monthly meetings of the Board of Education of Caledonia Community School, members of the public are allowed to make three-minute addresses to the trustees. Here is what I said tonight. Two words from me tonight: compassion and sex. Compassion comes first. And last. I know a song: “Everyone needs compassion.” It’s true. LifeContinue reading “Everyone Needs Compassion”

State rep too blinded by partisanship to show compassion over latest mass shooting

The title of this post is not my own creation. It was supplied by The Sun and News when this essay was printed in today’s edition in Letters from Our Readers. It accurately captures the central point. Again with the killings. Again, a person who under any sane regulatory system would not have been permittedContinue reading “State rep too blinded by partisanship to show compassion over latest mass shooting”

Christian identity, the Ten Commandments, and the way of Jesus

To say “I am a Christian” is to say a lot, and saying it in the wrong setting, or with the wrong intention, or while in the wrong relationship to what (and whom) the term rightly refers to, is dangerous.