Editor James Ernest (Eerdmans): The Editors behind the Great Books in New Testament Studies (Crux Sola)

(This post, which consists of my responses to questions from Nijay Gupta, originally appeared on his Crux Sola blog at Patheos on August 4, 2020.) We continue with the second profile in our new series: The Editors behind the Great Books in New Testament studies. I am pleased to introduce you to Dr. James ErnestContinue reading “Editor James Ernest (Eerdmans): The Editors behind the Great Books in New Testament Studies (Crux Sola)”

Striking a pose: Psalm 18 and positional righteousness

Picking up from yesterday: what has gone wrong with us—members and heirs of certain American Christian traditions—that what we believe and do diverges so starkly from the ways of the one we claim to follow? I said yesterday it’s all about truth. It’s also all about righteousness. The two are closely related. With regard toContinue reading “Striking a pose: Psalm 18 and positional righteousness”

Our crisis of truth in society and church

As I have said before, events around us in American society over the last several years have completely flummoxed me. I am left wondering whether and how we know what we think we know. How does anyone know anything? Is it possible to know anything? Anyone who wants to answer that last question affirmatively isContinue reading “Our crisis of truth in society and church”

Psalm 1 again: verses 1 through 3

Blessed is the man ESV retains the traditional masculine singular because unlike pluralized rewordings it preserves the possibility of figural reading as referring to Jesus Christ as the ideal human who fits the description given. And I guess somehow “Blessed is the human” or “the person” doesn’t quite have the same poetic resonance. Some ofContinue reading “Psalm 1 again: verses 1 through 3”

What the Lord does

Christians who do not think that their mission as Christians entails social and political work have not read the Bible, or have read it strangely. Psalm 146, one of the great psalms of praise that conclude the Psalter begins with “Praise Yah!” It ends with “Praise Yah!” (“Yah” being a shorter form of the divineContinue reading “What the Lord does”

Our national Sankofa journey

One of the opportunities offered by the the Evangelical Covenant Church (and some other churches) is Sankofa. As the linked page explains, “Sankofa” is an African word that means going back to retrieve something. In the ECC, Sankofa is implemented as a bus tour into the American South. You are paired with a fellow travelerContinue reading “Our national Sankofa journey”

How to read the Bible

The prophet who wrote the apocalypse (revelation) that became the last book in our Christian Bible opened it with a blessing and closed it with a curse. Today I am reading the opening blessing as a word about how to read the Bible in general as Scripture. One way of reading the Bible would beContinue reading “How to read the Bible”

From generation to generation: Comments on Mary Trump’s story of how the Trump family produced Donald

[I have not posted for several days because my reading-writing time was occupied with reading and thinking about this book. Here are some thoughts.] As I read Mary Trump’s Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, I kept thinking of the phrase “from generation to generation.” Her bookContinue reading “From generation to generation: Comments on Mary Trump’s story of how the Trump family produced Donald”

Let the reader understand; or, Take heed to your(my)selves(self)

Most of the little essays that I write here are responses to something I have read. That normally means one of three things: a book I am reading, or something from the news, or something from the Bible. As for that first category: I’m never just reading one book. I usually have at least aContinue reading “Let the reader understand; or, Take heed to your(my)selves(self)”